Panama November 2017: Minga Arrives

Minga arrived yesterday about 1:30pm with Ita, her daughter, who had taken her to her morning appointment. Minga looks tired in this picture, but she is actually stronger than I expected.


Minga, Lily and I have had a wonderful time being girlfriends in our adjoining hotel rooms. On Thursday Lily and I will go with her to dialysis, and I’ll get a sense of what Minga is dealing with 3x a week.

More on my thoughts about Minga and what she hopes for in a later post.

7 thoughts on “Panama November 2017: Minga Arrives

  1. for Maria and Linda: This is one strong woman. As you’ll see in tomorrow’s post, we left the hotel at 7:30am for her 10am dialysis — she got in at 11:40am, and came out at 3:45pm. She’s resting now.Very long day for all, but most of all for her. And she’s still able to walk out of the hospital to the car. Imagine. And when I’m not here, she walks to the bus and rides home that way.

  2. She has tremendous physical reserves. I recall hearing from you starting many years ago about the hard life that she led with all those kids – walking to the river with a big can to get water, and carrying it home on her shoulder; going to the river to wash clothes on the rocks, making meals, taking care of kids, taking care of Roberto, and so on. At the same time in those days she did not have renal disease, osteoarthritis and eye problems. I am in awe of Minga.

  3. Wonderful photo of two people who have loved each other for a long time.
    I’m glad Minga is reasonably strong and able to have a good time. Hola, Minga from Tia Phyllis!

  4. for Wendy: She is very strong. That said, we got back to the hotel around 4:30. She fell asleep, and it’s now 10:15pm — still fast asleep. I think this treatment is exhausting. NO idea how she goes home on bus when I’m not here.

  5. for Phyllis: She is very happy that her friends in the United States care about her and are wishing her well. Hugs all around!!

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