Panama November 2017: Hard Landing

Rain, thunderstorms, wind… it’s rainy season in Panama.

You know the landing is being aborted when the steady hum and gradual descent in sight of the runway suddenly turns into a whining acceleration of the engines and the plane tilts sharply upward. Then we bounced around for 50 minutes through turbulent skies — looking out the windows as the plane’s lights reflected off roiling black and red clouds felt like a bad B movie of an impending plane crash — before we could punch through the low ceiling and land. One of the more harrowing landings I’ve had in a long time. Lily and Ita and Ita’s daughter Yanelis were there to greet me. Minga was apparently at her other daughter Ana’s for the night, closer to Minga’s morning appointment.

I’m going to be in one room tonight, and then switch to a different one tomorrow when Minga gets here so we can have connecting rooms. The hotel somehow screwed up the reservations, so the connecting rooms aren’t available tonight. The hotel is quite busy, which surprises me. I don’t think of people coming to Panama for vacation during rainy season.

Bienvenidos a Panama.

2 thoughts on “Panama November 2017: Hard Landing

  1. for Wendy: There was a Panamanian man next to me, about my age, who kept saying “Muy malo…. muy malo.” Very bad. It was.

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