Travel Day

I’ve written recently about the frustrations of travel that make it less appealing to those of us who are post-70. When I went to check in online for my international United flight, I found that to complete check in, I had to upload a pic of my passport. Couldn’t do it. Tried several times, and each time the pic was rejected. Now I have to stop at the counter to complete check in — not a big deal, but surely an annoyance.

When I get back I’ll have Matt or Sara help me, but I hate to be unable to do things like this for myself.

Deep breath. Stopping at the counter isn’t a deal breaker. Five extra minutes, no more. A small problem, not a big one.

Thank you to all who have sent prayers and good wishes and in the case of friend Louise, two holy cards, and from Phyllis, pics of us on our summer odyssey to Flannery O’Connor’s farm. Minga will love all of it.

When my father died in 1959, we did the stiff upper lip Irish Catholic thing and went on as if nothing had happened. Bad strategy — very bad. By the time Jerry died, I was able to ask for and receive support, and it made a world of difference. The same thing is happening with my visit to see Minga, and I’m deeply grateful. Your love, support, and prayers mean a lot.

4 thoughts on “Travel Day

  1. Aunt Pam,
    Safe travels. Good luck. Hugs to you and Minga. Please give her our love. We were blessed to have gone with you to Panama and met Minga and her family. Please let Minga know she is in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Bryna, Mike, Becca, and Max

  2. Safe travels to you and my best to Minga and her family. Despite having never met them I feel like I know them from years of reading the blog. 💙

  3. for Bryna: Thanks, my dear. Am already in the thick of it, having just arrived, and it’s going to be much harder than I even imagined.

  4. for Ben: Thank you so much. So glad to see that you are still reading the blog! Your message makes me smile — I wish you could have gotten to meet Minga. You and she would like each other.

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