Blogging: Tech Glitches

On Monday when I tried to log into the WordPress site to write my blog entries, I got a “site down” message. The glitch didn’t last long, although it wasn’t simply a matter of rebooting my own computer and re-connecting to the site. I think the site was, briefly, inaccessible. Later, I saw a news feed that the problem was actually with Comcast, and it affected service throughout the Seattle-Tacoma area.

I’m struck by how reliable I, we, expect the internet to be, connecting us with all the sites and apps and news feeds we log into on regular basis. We didn’t used to expect access and information to be instantaneous and 100% reliable. But we do now — even me.

I remember when we waited for the afternoon newspaper to see what had happened during the day. Rochester had two papers, both owned by Gannett: the Democrat & Chronicle came out in the morning, and the Times-Union in the late afternoon, before the evening news. I recall when we sometimes had to wait until the next morning to find out the results of an election. Now, if CNN doesn’t predict a winner within minutes after the polls close, we know it’s going to be a nail-biter.

I feel like a relic.

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