What Are You Thinking Donna Brazile?

Donna Brazile is a longtime Democratic operative who fell from grace when it was revealed that she gave Hillary Clinton debate questions prior to an event during the 2016 campaign. CNN fired her, Trump won the election, and I imagine Donna Brazile has been pretty much frozen out of paying political work ever since.

Her method of working her way back in seems to be writing a book that torches Hillary Clinton. I have one over-riding response: powerful women have to stop doing this to each other.

I’ve long respected Donna Brazile, but I can’t accept this. As much as we have to call powerful men to account for sexually abusing women who report to them, or depend on them for career advancement, we also have to call out powerful women who think the path to gaining or regaining status is to fire a flame thrower in the direction of other powerful women.

I won’t be buying Donna Brazile’s book. I’m disgusted at her move, coming as it does only a year away from the 2018 elections. Does she really see blowing up the tensions in the Democratic party as a way to end the reign of Trump? Honestly, I’m sitting here shaking my head.

What are you thinking, Donna Brazile?

4 thoughts on “What Are You Thinking Donna Brazile?

  1. And her timing is terrible…….just as there are several close elections in VA and elsewhere tomorrow. As one commentator said….what did the Clintons do to her????

  2. for Phyllis: She seems very angry — and I suspect she’s been out of paid work since the election. Do you think she’s angling for work with the Sanders-Warren branch of the Democratic Party? Bad way, in my view, to try and snag something. I hate this torching of other powerful women, as we both have seen all too often.

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