Update on Minga

I’m going to Panama on November 14 for just five days, to see if I can help Minga sort out where she is going to be and how she will continue dialysis. She’s going to stay at the hotel with me, in adjoining rooms. I absolutely need the air conditioning on in order to be able to sleep, and she absolutely will want hers off for the same reason.

She won’t use any of the amenities, like the pool or exercise room or spa — although if a manicure is available she might do that. She does like pretty nails. I’ll bet she’s never had a pedicure, and that might be fun. Regardless, I think she will enjoy the quiet for a few days, and getting room service, and our having a chance to talk.

I want to understand clearly what she wants, and be sure that she understands the risks of going home — mainly, the danger of infection in an environment where it will be difficult to maintain a sterile field. Once I know both of those things, I’m prepared to advocate strongly on her behalf.

This will not be an easy trip.

2 thoughts on “Update on Minga

  1. Pam, you are the best. There is no better friend than one who listens, sticks by you though thick and thin, adovates and loves you. May you bring some clarity to Minga’s journey and what she wants. I suspect she doesn’t yet know herself.

  2. for Katie: Well, thank you. Means a lot. You know I place high value on friendships, and I do not easily set one aside. Minga has been hugely important in my life, and I hope to be able to help her clarify and state clearly what she wants now. Then I will move heaven and earth to try and help her get it.

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