Fall Snow in Seattle

Getting snow this early in the Cascade Mountains, about an hour east of the city of Seattle, is not unusual. But getting snow in the city this early is. Snow came down pretty hard for about 90 minutes yesterday. Nothing stuck to the ground, because the ambient temperature is still too warm. But snow fell unmistakably.

We got a lot of snow in Rochester, NY, my former home town, and I remember the thrill and quiet beauty of the first real snow storm. Yesterday’s snow created more a sense of bemusement, as we were wearing light sweaters a week ago and in two weeks I’ll be sweltering in Panama’s rainy and humid season.

Am I ready for winter in Seattle? As ready as I’ll ever be. Archie and Else LOVE snow, and don’t get to play in it nearly enough. I am quite sure they were happy enough for all three of us.

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