Beyond Trump

I like to think of Trump as a terrible aberration, but of course he isn’t. The danger has always been that he will be followed by someone equally retrograde, but smoother and less obviously corrupt.

Some like Kentucky’s Matt Bevin.

I’m trying hard to understand the implicit bargain voters in ruby red states are making with their candidates. Apparently it goes something like this: “in return for your elevating white Christian Americans over all other groups, and in return for your promising a return to a mythic 1950’s America where white men ruled work, hearth, and home, as a Republican I’ll accept growing income inequality and tax legislation that blows up the deficit and leads to eliminating things like Social Security.”

Believing that people truly want that bargain is hard for me, but there’s really no other explanation that fits. And if Joel Osteen and his Pentacostal brethren around the world can sell the Prosperity Gospel to working class and poor people, I have no doubt that Matt Bevin and Trump and Ryan et al can continue selling that deal to red state America voters.

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