Getting to Know Seattle: Turn of Season

All through October I’ve been relishing the gorgeous fall leaves, sunny skies, and unseasonably warm temperatures. For the last ten days, we’ve had one day of rain and nine days of full sun.

All of the sudden it’s November and we’re in a very different place — many trees are bare. The weather forecast has reversed: nine days of rain to come, one day of sun. Christmas seems just around the corner. Macy’s is already doing their holiday windows. Didn’t that used to wait until after Thanksgiving?

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Turn of Season

  1. I was in Chicago Thursday and had lunch in the Walnut Room at Macy’s . The Christmas tree and wreaths were up. The windows were not decorated yet. Since Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine I cringe at Christmas decorations so soon.

  2. for Joyce: I love Thanksgiving too, and hate to see Christmas jumping the gun. Glad to hear Chicago Macy’s still has a Walnut Room. Our Macy’s here is struggling. Latest is that Amazon is taking over the top 6 floors, which will dramatically reduce the retail space. Far cry from the old Seattle Bon Marche days, which is what the Macy’s store used to be.

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