Trump and Russia and the Mueller Indictments

No one who reads the blog regularly could have any doubt that I loathe Donald Trump and all that he stands for. When he was elected, many people whom I respect said they hoped he would be successful, because his success would mean success for the country. I never believed that. I believe that success for Trump means normalizing deceitfulness, disregard for the Constitution and the law, self-dealing, and corruption as part of our profile of the American Presidency.

What do I hope for now, following Director Mueller’s first round of indictments? Jane Mayer’s work on uncovering the link between the Koch network and Pence — you can find her piece in the New Yorker archives — makes the case that a Pence presidency is nearly as bad an alternative as the existing Trump presidency. So here’s what I hope: that the Mueller process completely disrupts Trump’s time in office, opens the way for a Democratic wave election in 2018 and a re-taking of the White House in 2020. That means, essentially, that nothing happens for the next three years. I’m willing to accept such a bleak scenario, because anything initiated by Trump and his sycophants in Congress is hardly good for the country.

To put context to the 36% or so of voters who continue to support Trump regardless of anything that comes out, about that same percentage continued to support Richard Nixon through the Watergate scandal. This cluster of people can hardly be the barometer of American life going forward.

The Democrats have a lot of work to do to find top-tier candidates, and to develop a platform that speaks to all Americans. It can’t be just “see how terrible Trump is.”

I’m hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Trump and Russia and the Mueller Indictments

  1. I agree with you, the Trymp / Pence presidency is hopeless. The best option is for them to leave doing the least damage possible. I don’t know if that will happen. I do hope the Democrats develop candidates that are true stateswomen – statesmen. We are presently a global embarrassment with the potential for hurting millions of people.

  2. for Katie: Millions of lives are at risk around the world — not the least of which are vulnerable women who depend on our help with medical care and contraception, all funds that are being cut.

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