New from Amazon: Amazon Key

Amazon continues to innovate, and as Seattle is the home of the Amazon mothership, we often get access to new services before other regions of the country. As an Amazon Prime member, I just got an offer to begin using Amazon Key. To do it, I have to purchase an Amazon Key At-Home Kit, starting at $249.99, which includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock. After installing, I’ll be able to allow Amazon delivery people access to my front door, where they will put my packages just inside. I’ll be able to monitor the delivery access on my phone, see the driver entering and leaving. And I’ll know that my home is securely locked again.

I’m not going to use this, although apartment and condo dwellers can, because my building has a package system and I’d have to get permission to alter the lock on my door and install a camera to set this system up. I think the management company is unlikely to extend permission to renters. But I think Amazon Key is brilliant, and I look to see how many other adaptations Amazon can come up with to extend the service.

Would you use it, once it becomes available in your area?

2 thoughts on “New from Amazon: Amazon Key

  1. At this point, No, I would not use this service. Because of the location of our home I don’t fear packages left outside being stolen. Naive…perhaps.

  2. for Joyce: Not necessarily. I felt that way about our San Gabriel Drive home in Rochester. Living in an urban apartment building is quite different. Even with our package concierge service and front desk people, sometimes packages get left outside the door of the package room on weekends, and one of my packages left that way vanished. Very disappointing.

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