Conscious Aging: Talking with My 20-Something Neighbors

My building has some lively new staff, and they have re-invigorated monthly events open to all residents. This month’s event was, of course, a Halloween party. About 30 people showed up, and the party was energetic and fun. The building management paid for wine and beer, plus a hot dog and candy apple bar — and cupcakes.

Most of my neighbors in the building are decades younger than I am, and the ones around my age often don’t come to the events. That leaves me with the question of what to talk about with 20 and 30-somethings who work for the tech companies here in Seattle: Amazon of course, and AirBnB, Expedia, Google, Microsoft. I actually got into a lengthy conversation with one young guy who I often see in the elevator. He’d like his mother to move here. He’s worried about her living alone at a distance, but also worried about how she might make a transition to a new city. I talked about how I made the transition, and offered to have coffee with him and his mother on her next visit. I also made follow up plans to have breakfast with a resident who has a business idea and was eager to hear my thoughts about it.

Sustaining a social circle is hard for people my age, mostly because my age peers move around. A couple in the building whose company I enjoyed very much has recently left to relocate back to the east coast. I have no illusions that moving into a retirement facility resolves the problem of maintaining a social circle, although I’d be around more people my age. I’ve heard my own horror stories about the junior high-like behavior in these places, and a friend and regular reader added a new one. One of her friends who entered an independent living complex and went down to dinner was told she couldn’t take a certain seat because it was “reserved” — and then the new resident was accused of wanting to take that seat to flirt with another resident’s girlfriend. Good Lord life is complicated.

These are the finalists in the resident costume competition. The League of Their Own duo won. I asked where they got the outfits, and they said, “Amazon, of course.” Of course. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Talking with My 20-Something Neighbors

  1. True. But she was accused of wanting to flirt with another woman’s boyfriend. Let’s not make it any more complicated 🙂 although I’m sure that could be true, too!

  2. for Ada: A friend of mine’s mother in law, early 90’s, lives in a place where there are 10+ women for every man, and the one attractive man has fallen for her. They have to hide the fact that he sneaks up to her unit at night so the other ladies won’t know and shun her out of jealousy. Honest to God. Thanks for the clarification on your story.

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