Update on Minga

Minga’s blood pressure, which had been under control with meds, is elevated again. For some reason, her doctors are reluctant to give her higher doses or change meds as long as she’s on dialysis — that was Lily’s understanding. Instead, the doctors urged Minga to be calmer.

Clearly the stress of living in the city, and going to her dialysis appointment by bus, is telling on her — in addition to the strain of dialysis itself.

I’m going to Panama City on November 14th for five days, staying near her in the city, and will focus my visit on her alone. I wish she’d stay in the hotel with me to have some quiet, but I’m not sure that would feel like a break to her. She and two of her grandkids did come into the city one year and stay at the Riande Aeropuerto with me overnight, as a treat. The kids loved it. I think Minga didn’t sleep a wink in the strange and unfamiliar setting. Plus she was freezing. She and the grandkids were in the room next to mine, and nobody could figure out how to turn off the air conditioning.

I think that right now Minga just wants to go home. Such a hard situation, and I’m not sure anyone knows what to do.

4 thoughts on “Update on Minga

  1. Dear Minga – she really needs to catch a break sometime! With all the BP meds on the market, it seems like there should be something (more) compatible with dialysis. Why do I have a feeling that only x, y, or z are on the formulary for her? Calm isn’t a great option. Katie, as our medical expert, what do you think?

  2. There are anti anxiety mess that work for older adults. My 90 year Old Mom had 2 serious falls and a bout with an infection and metaphorically “fell off the cliff”. She’s been staying with me since early Sept. she was depressed and miserable, having been independent , living on her own, and driving, to be sick. Now she’s on 2 medications that have really helped her. Decreasing her anxiety has increased her appetite and functionality and improved her sleeping. She’s been much better, gained a little weight and we’re moving her home with help and will see how it goes. Minga has lots of reasons to be anxious. Don’t know if meds are available there but they certainly helped my mother.

  3. for Phyllis: Agree — she needs to catch a break. I’ve spoken to two people here who know a lot about manual home dialysis, and one is going to get me a procedures manual in Spanish on how to do it. I’m taking a harder line on getting her back home. She simply can’t do more than survive living in the city, and it’s no quality of life for her at all. That’s not a knock on Ita, who was kind enough to take Minga in and see to her getting to the ambulatory dialysis center. It just isn’t working for Minga to be in the noise and confusion of an urban setting.

  4. for Katie: Lily should know what’s available — will ask her. I’m guessing that since the doc who saw Minga counseled her to “be calm”, that nothing is readily available through the free public health system. So sorry to hear about your Mom’s health difficulties. I loved meeting her when I visited you and Ron, and seeing the home where you grew up.

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