Meditation: There’s an App for That

I didn’t think of looking for a meditation app, because it feels like a contradiction in terms, a bit like having an AA meeting in a bar. But friend and regular reader Emily, upon seeing the post about my having difficulty focusing on meditation apart from the Tuesday class, encouraged me to try an app.

Memo to self: don’t download and open an app just after I’ve poured a hot cup of coffee. Even with a 15 minute meditation, the coffee grows cold. I know — it’s one of the things I should have anticipated. Cognitive lapse.

Surprisingly, the online meditation worked perfectly well. And the app I chose offers the chance to log my meditations and keep track — something that works for me with FitBit. At the end, a number flashed on the screen: 2,546. Apparently, that number of people who use this app were either on the meditation I chose at the same time, or have used it today — not sure which. That information isn’t like sitting with my little group of ten or so in the tiny chapel at the YMCA, but it’s not without interest.

Will keep you posted on whether the online app works to regularize a meditation practice. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Meditation: There’s an App for That

  1. for Ada: there are lots of apps online — I started with the free ones. I chose Insight Timer, for no particular reason other than it offered a lot of possible meditations. So far I’ve liked what I’ve tried of the options. My friend suggested Calm, which also looked good.In terms of classes, my local Y welcomes people for the meditation class whether you are a member or not. Might be a good place to begin in your area.

  2. I belong to the Y in our area. They have lots of different kinds of exercise classes, but none yet on meditation. Maybe I’ll mention it next time I am there.

  3. for Ada: The monk at our Y is from the local Zen Center — no doubt he does the once a week class for free, as a way of encouraging us to try other offerings at the Center. If your Y would consider it, I’ll bet there would be interest.

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