Lily Arrives in Nicaragua

Lily is visiting a cousin and her family in Nicaragua. Lily arrived at the Salvatore Allende Airport — I was interested in the name. Salvatore Allende was the duly elected Marxist president of Chile, deposed in 1973 in a CIA-backed military coup. That history would appeal to Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega, now in his fourth term. It’s a bit like being in Argentina and seeing lots of things still named for Juan or Evita Peron.

Lily arrived at night, so her family took her out for music and a comida typica — typical meal — which is again a big part of Latino culture. Latino families celebrate with food, and music, and lots of warm hugs all the way around.

Somewhat remarkably, Lily is touring Nicaragua with another set of twins, the sons of her cousin: Ivan David and Eric Rolando. The little girl is Gabriela. Lily’s cousin is Ina — her husband is taking the photo below.


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