Trump Voters v. The Majority

The Washington Post has an article about Trump voters in Houston who are glad they got hurricane relief but aren’t sure the people of Puerto Rico should.

“I object. I object. They should stay where they are and fix their own country up,” Hogg responded softly, shaking his head, wrongly referring to the U.S. territory as a separate nation.”

These Trump voters crystallize two traits common, in my view, to the 36% or so that represent Trump’s core base. One is ignorance. The guy quoted here seems unaware that Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S., and that its people are citizens of the United States. I would argue that the ignorance of Trump voters is widespread and extends to far more than geography.

The other trait is a feeling that “as long as Trump keeps giving me what’s mine, I could care a rat’s ass about anyone else.” So much for “we the people”, or a sense of shared purpose and nationhood, or even a modicum of compassion for fellow citizens struck by tragedy. Trump didn’t invent narrow self-interest, but he certainly rode to the presidency by glorifying it, and in office he’s doing everything he can to promote a sense that he’ll take care of his people, and no one else.

What a guy. And what a group of supporters. Hillary’s “deplorable” comment sounds more true by the minute.

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