Politicians Raising Money

We all hear that politicians have to spend a lot of time raising money to fund their ongoing campaigns. Quartz was able to quantify what that means:


Median amount of money raised every week in the third quarter by a member of Congress in a competitive race. The 37 incumbents analyzed had a median $317,380 raised in Q3. [Michael Beckel, Issue One]

Not long ago I attended a breakfast with our Washington Senator Patty Murray, and my calculation was that she took away just about that much. If so, it means she has to attend an event like that a week, and her staff has to do the work of filling those events with people willing to write checks. And/or, she has to find some deep-pocketed donors who can move the number up without so much face time. Or, she has to align with something like the Koch network, and promise to do their bidding in return for not having to worry about political fund-raising at all. I know she hasn’t done the latter, so I have to add fund-raising to her considerable array of skills as a senator. The amount of time she must have to spend on it makes me wonder how anyone holds on to their idealistic sense of public service at all. I think she does, and it’s something of a miracle.


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