Update on Minga: A Fall

Having a daughter traveling abroad is not a common experience for a village woman, and Lily’s mother Rufina wants to stay in close touch with her daughter during this Honduras-Nicaragua trip. Because of that daily phone call, Lily is getting news of Minga as well. Then she’s messaging me on WhatsApp.

While spending a day at home in Rio Hato, Minga tripped and fell, hitting her face and splitting her lip open. She’s been treated and is recovering, but it was an unfortunate mis-step that only adds to her misery. Eating is harder, and her entire mouth aches. Sounds as if she has what we might think of as a boxer’s fat lip.

When you’re dealing with a complex medical condition, we’d all like to think we’d get a pass on things like falling down and hurting ourselves. But life isn’t like that, and the ordinary and the profound continue to enter our lives all in one.

2 thoughts on “Update on Minga: A Fall

  1. for Phyllis: I know, right? Sounds as if she basically did a face plant on her concrete floor. Wonder she didn’t knock teeth out. I hope the swelling goes down soon. Wonder if kidney disease has any effect on how fast the cut on her lip will heal? Makes it hard to eat, evidently.

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