John McCain, American Patriot

I didn’t vote for John McCain when he ran for president. I thought his choice of Sarah Palin was a terrible misstep. I disagree with a lot of the Republican policies he’s promoted over the years.

And yet…

He is, unarguably, an American hero and a patriot. He is also a decent man. When a supporter in 2008 shouted that she was sure then-candidate Obama was a closet Muslim, McCain broke in to say that his opponent was an honorable man with whom he had policy differences.

McCain took a hard shot at Trump during a speech as McCain received the Liberty Medal in Philadelphia on Monday. The hard shot was justified. What worries me is that the line against Trump cruelty, craziness, and venality is being held by 81 year old John McCain, 64 year old Susan Collins, 67 year old Patty Murray, 66 year old Chuck Schumer, 77 year old Nancy Pelosi, 84 year old Diane Feinstein, and 84 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Where are all the younger people with political courage and a conscience?

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