Llily Is Off to Honduras

On Sunday morning, Lily boarded her Copa Airlines flight to Honduras. She’s joined the world of curious travelers, and she is a very happy young woman. She promises to send photos along the way, so that we can follow her journey. I’ve never been to either Honduras or Nicaragua, so I’m very interested in the trip.

Lily’s grandmother Minga, who has never traveled farther than Panama City, is thrilled for Lily. Who knows what Minga herself might have done, had she been born in a later era and had Lily’s educational opportunities? Minga’s one great regret in life, as she always says, is that she never got to study beyond the third grade.  She created a dignified life with what she had, but I know her heart was with Lily on that airplane.

2 thoughts on “Llily Is Off to Honduras

  1. for Katie: Lily is sending many pics of her trip — clearly she is making the most of her opportunity. And she seems to be loving every moment.

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