China Going Forward, the U.S. Going Back

China aims to be the global leader in clean energy jobs, the industry of the future. The U.S. under Trump is trying to revive coal, a 19th century industry.

As Fareed Zakaria asked on his Sunday morning show, GPS, which country do you think will win the global race for prosperity on behalf of its citizens?

2 thoughts on “China Going Forward, the U.S. Going Back

  1. Surely the current American President is only going backwards on all fronts so it doesn’t surprise me that China and other nations would surpass us in progress. However, I am hopeful that this will pass. I find it difficult to believe that a totalitarian nation that persecuted its own people and prohibits movement around its own country by its citizens will excel over time. I can’t imagine a world run by totalitarianists. Or is that where we are aheased on both shores?

  2. for Katie: Well, I think Trump is quite the authoritarian. And I worry about the failure to invest in basic research, in education through our once vaunted system of public colleges and universities, in getting broadband out to poorer communities, in public health. I think we’ve been eating our seed corn for a long time, and Trump is only accelerating the process. Will he be a blip, followed by a return to sanity? Like you I hope so, but I think there is plenty of reason to worry.

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