Updates on Minga: Lily Traveling

Lily is my daily communicator of Minga’s health condition and her spirits. Now, Lily is going on a two week trip to Nicaragua and Honduras — her first as a solo traveler. She has a friend in one of the countries, and a cousin in the other. Once she reaches her destination in each place, she will have someone with whom to sightsee. But she will leave from and return to Tocumen Airport on her own.

Lily’s trip here to the United States in 2013 was her first ever, and she loved the experience. She has a professional salary as chief pharmacist for the Arrocha chain’s largest Panama City store — although her income doesn’t come near what even a beginning pharmacist would earn in the U.S. — and that provides her with discretionary income. Now that she has bought her condo and outfitted it with most of the things she wants — still no hot water tank 🙂 — she can turn her interests to travel.

She doesn’t have hot water because it isn’t a priority for her. She reminds me that she’s never had hot water, so she doesn’t miss it. I can’t fathom taking a shower, even in a hot country, in cold water — but she does it on a regular basis. So does everyone in Minga’s extended family, or Gloria’s for that matter. No one that I know in Panama has hot water at home.

I’ll ask Lily to send photos, so we can follow her journey. I think planning this trip is wonderfully bold of her, and I know she’ll have a good time.

2 thoughts on “Updates on Minga: Lily Traveling

  1. for Katie: Me too. Once again, she’s a trailblazer in her family. I don’t believe any of her family on Minga’s side has been to another country. She is going to visit a cousin on her trip — will find out more who that might be.

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