Supporting the Sane Ones in Congress

Part of my personal activism is giving financial support to the sane members of Congress. I became a backer of Senator Patty Murray not long after moving to Seattle, but until yesterday hadn’t done anything for our other Washington state senator, Maria Cantwell. She was first elected in 2000, and is up for re-election in 2018.

Both of our Washington state senators are working valiantly to restore some sense of bi-partisanship, to push back against the bomb throwers like Ted Cruz and the hyper-partisans like Mitch McConnell, to work with the steadily shrinking pool of reasonable Republicans to craft legislation that both sides can support.

It’s the way the senate used to work.

In additional to Senator Cantwell there were some up and coming young Democratic women onstage: Manka Dhingra, who is running for Washington State senate from the 45th district, and T’wina Franklin, who is Interim President and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League. But the most electrifying speaker was Senator Elizabeth Warren. I’ve never hear her speak live before — only on TV. She’s an incredible public speaker, has the timing pitch perfect, the stories just right, and a magnificent ability to connect with an audience. I’ve thought in the past that she is too left wing for my tastes, but after hearing her, I’m not sure. She’s quick on her feet, has a plausible story, and could run circles around Trump.

Hillary Clinton is highly qualified, but she’s never been a good public speaker, and people don’t easily warm to her. Elizabeth Warren checks both of those boxes, in spades. Maria Cantwell is solid, but Warren is a rock star.

I may have a new favorite candidate for 2020.

2 thoughts on “Supporting the Sane Ones in Congress

  1. Our daughter Stephanie, living in Boston, says that Elizabeth Warren is totally polarizing in that community. People either love or hate her. I agree with much of what she says but am most concerned with having an electable candidate, whomever that might be.

  2. for Linda: I thought that about Warren too, but I was hugely impressed with her ability to explain in simple, very personal terms, how tax policy affects ordinary families. I want a winner too, but I’m not sure that’s going to be a bland white guy who doesn’t threaten anyone and isn’t polarizing. Trump is hugely polarizing, and he won. What we’re finding is that you don’t have to win the majority to win — you have to win a powerful enough coalition. I think it’s too early to get behind someone for 2020, but Warren is a gifted speaker, quick enough on her feet to counter Trump in the moment, personable and smart. I didn’t go expecting to be impressed — I was there for Maria Cantwell. But I was.

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