Trump is Exhausting

Whatever you may like or dislike about Trump, the man is exhausting. Not to himself, of course — he’s a non-stop whirl of conflict and controversy, all designed to keep him front and center in everyone’s attention. For Trump there is apparently no such thing as “bad attention”. All attention is good. He’s like a shark that has to keep swimming to stay alive. He has to keep generating attention to be who he is. The Donald.

None of the substantive things about Trump have jarred his base, not the endemic corruption, or the erratic foreign policy, or the vindictive attacks on members of his own party and anyone else who crosses his radar screen, or the lack of legislative achievement, or his bellicose threats of nuclear war. But I’m wondering about the exhaustion factor. We’ve all known people who were exhausting — I’m thinking of high school, and the popular kids who twirled and danced and spun through the halls, demanding everyone’s attention. After awhile, they simply got boring, and the rest of us began to look away and focus on our own lives.

I’m wondering if Trump’s base will reach a point like that? He’s still churning and fulminating, their lives aren’t any different or any better, and after awhile the orange tornado seems nothing more than a bad vortex that won’t go away.  Maybe his base goes away instead.

Wouldn’t you love to hear Melania talk honestly with her women friends, if she has any, about what it’s like to live with him?

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