Conscious Aging: Funky Allergies

Allergies are supposed to affect you less as you get older, but you wouldn’t know it by me. I had comprehensive allergy testing years ago in Rochester, and I react to all kinds of ordinary things that you run across every day: not food or meds, but grass seeding itself and pollen in general, mohair and other kinds of wool, trees budding, snow mold, and my nemesis at the moment, leaf mold. Lead mold happens in the fall, when downed leaves get rained on — which has happened here in Seattle. Once the wet leaves are cleared away, my symptoms disappear too. But in the meantime, I get a gnarly allergy response which sometimes turns into a respiratory infection. Fall is the season of the year that I’m most likely to get something that requires meds — more so even than the winter flu season.

So, I’m up and around but taking care. This knocks my exercise regimen into disarray — if I work out at all, it isn’t at the usual intensity. All of us know people who are dealing with a lot more difficult health issues, so I can hardly whine about this relatively minor annual battle. Or, better said, I can hardly whine much. 🙂

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