Conscious Aging: My Archie Corner

Archie knows that I live in a small space — 900 square feet — and so I don’t have room for a lot of extra things. He has a small toy corner, and a shelf on which he keeps his art project supplies and a few games: tape, markers, drawing paper, colored construction paper, glue, a dominoes set.

Beyond that, I have a space on my TV table that I call my “Archie Corner”. Archie gives me things he’s made in school, or things he treasures. There’s a thin plastic gold cup that he got somewhere and loves. Inside the cup are two beaded necklaces he made in school. There is a note he wrote, with help, to welcome me home from last year’s Panama trip. There is a handmade birthday card, and a little Christmas tree made from popsicle sticks and small colored puffs that he glued on. I have two designs he made from Perler beads.

There is nothing that I own in the apartment that I treasure more than these offers of love from a sweet little boy.

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