Panama 2017: Surf’s Up

My sister Wendy sends me pics from Facebook when she thinks I’d be interested, since I’m not on it myself. This one is from the 3rd Jari: Jarinelys, who is Minga’s granddaughter and a senior in high school. Looks as if she and her sister, the 4th Jari, Jarineilys, and their cousin Josue are at the beach near the village.

Yes, the girls have almost the same name — just one letter difference in spelling.

When I’m there in January the ocean is quite calm — we almost never see waves like this. With these kinds of waves come gnarly currents and occasionally rip tides, so I’d be surprised if anyone went in very far — especially since none of these kids swim. There are no lifeguards on the beaches open to everyone, only at the hotel beaches.

If the Jaris are at the beach, it likely means that Minga is home for the day. As friend Katie wrote, Minga needs to have hope and something to look forward to so that her difficult dialysis regimen remains tolerable. Getting home for 24-36 hours in between dialysis treatments is that kind of hopeful thing. For that alone, I’m glad to see this pic.

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