Tillerson and Trump

Did Secretary of State Rex Tillerson call his boss a “moron”? We’ll likely never know for sure, but Tillerson didn’t actually deny saying it. He only denied that he was on the verge of quitting and had to be talked into staying on the job by Vice President Pence.


Tillerson hasn’t proved himself to be an effective Secretary of State, but he successfully ran a global energy corporation as its CEO, and he’s worked with a lot of smart people. He certainly knows a moron when he sees one, whether or not he says so out loud.

I’m not clear what it will take for someone like Tillerson, who built a reputation for competence and integrity over decades, to recognize that working for Trump is a losing proposition. All the people around Trump are trying to normalize him, and they are the ones being tarnished in the process.

I go back to David Frum’s interview on Masthead on Monday, where he said he’s seen a precipitous decline in Trump’s mental functioning since Frum had business dealings with him 10 years ago. Only people who have drunk some funny Republican Kool Aid can possibly say that Trump is an acceptable occupant of the Oval Office.

2 thoughts on “Tillerson and Trump

  1. The moron issue was great material for late night comedy. Steven Cobert (my favorite) declares that he was the only one who can call Trump a moron. Unfortunately, lots of people are either so ignorant or mentally challenged that they continue to drink republican look Aid, not just about Trump but about gun control. There seems no end to all the tragic stupidity.

  2. for Katie: Agree. I keep trying to figure out what it is about Trump that continues to draw voter support when even his closest advisors seem to have little respect for him. Trump’s shady business dealings, his serial abuse of women, his narcissism, his exploiting of the presidency to build his brand and his personal fortune, are all in plain view. And yet his base supports him anyway. I go back to his Trump University scam, which sucked 40M out of the pockets of ordinary people hoping to better themselves — and yet apparently the marks just kept coming. Baffling to me.

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