Getting Serious About Survival

Journalists covering the Puerto Rico tragedy mentioned Utuado, a tiny village tucked into the mountains above Arecibo. I recognize the name: our Peace Corps training camp was near Utuado. The people there have not yet been reached by rescuers. The village’s small population is struggling without food, clean water, medicine, power, or any other kind of supplies. Their situation is desperate.

Seattle doesn’t have hurricanes, but we are earthquake-prone. I’ve taken that semi-seriously, keeping extra canned goods on hand, and a flashlight, and Matt gave me the emergency backpack that Google gave every employee. But after looking at the scenes in Utuado, I realize it isn’t enough. I just ordered a bunch of supplies from Amazon, and they are starting to arrive.

Dried food packets that work best with hot water but can be made edible with room temperature water. At two meals a day, the supply is good for almost two weeks. It’s a start.

4 thoughts on “Getting Serious About Survival

  1. Arecibo is the location of a huge telescope run by Cornell, the “bowl” of which covers a whole valley. Art & I were musing the other day about how it might have fared. If the area is still isolated, who knows – although they probably have their own electronics there.

    Your prep work reminds me of a woman in my book club. When Irma was first predicted to hit the Myrtle Beach area, she bought about 50 items from Amazon and gave us a show and tell – miniature camping stoves, battery lamps, dried foods, and all kinds of interesting items. We all chuckled when that hurricane totally bypassed us. However, she’s ready for the next one!

  2. for Phyllis: Our Peace Corps training camp was about 45 minutes up a steep road into the mountains from Arecibo — I imagine that’s the road that’s still blocked. I did know about the telescope, but even though close by the mountain villages geographically, it’s light years away. Look for another blog post on disaster supplies. 🙂

  3. Today I saw June and told her about your blog post and my tale of her preparation. (She was the red head who came to your book discussion at our house) She bought a lot of dried food and decided she had to try some of it in non-hurricane times. Her favorite Amazon product was bacon and eggs that came in cubes, just add hot water – “remarkably good.” She also got powdered scrambled eggs to which she added several seasonings and dried spinach. She’s an expert cook who likes to try unusual recipes, and she’s having fun with all this.

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