Tom Price Resignation

Good. May the corrupt dominoes keep falling in the Trump administration, including at the top.

Kudos to Politico for breaking the story, and for staying on the story with respect to other Trump administration officials who also abuse taxpayer funded transportation. It feels to me as if responsible and rigorous journalism is really getting a handle on how to report on the Trump administration. And there is so much corruption on which to report.

2 thoughts on “Tom Price Resignation

  1. Price was doomed by his own “Darth Vader” behaviors. Now the dominos will likely change. One theory is the Dr Shulkin, BlVA Sectetary, will move to the HSS Secretary position.

  2. for Katie: Except that Shulkin has his own flying-on-taxpayer-dollars problems. The whole administration is taking its cue from the Grifter-in-Chief at the top.

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