Who Stocks Your Refrigerator?

Maybe Walmart, and maybe when you’re not even home.


Busy people who can afford it outsource a lot, and there are several services — like Amazon Fresh — that will deliver groceries to your door. Walmart wants to go one better: they want to send your grocery order with someone who will enter your home and put your groceries away for you. In the Silicon Valley test market, you’d use smart-home technology to open the door, and monitor the Walmart associate via your phone. You even get an online confirmation when your front door is safely locked again, presumably with the delivery person back outside.

I don’t even use Amazon Fresh, because I like to pick out groceries by looking at them, especially fresh produce, meats and fish. If I had more storage space I’d use it for neutral repeat items like paper goods, laundry detergent, sparkling water — things that are heavy, that I buy regularly and remain unchanged from one week to the next. Sara uses Amazon Fresh that way.

I doubt then that I’d go the next step and use Walmart to not only select my groceries, but come and put them away. But I’m probably not the target market.

How about you? Does the idea appeal?


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