Burns and Novick on VietNam

I have a reliable core of regular readers, and then people who find my blog through search engines when they are looking for a specific topic. One such reader left a comment highly critical of Burns and Novick for portraying U.S. service men as killing machines. The reader took my blog post as evidence that the biased portrayal is working.

I actually agree that Burns and Novick chose to interview VietNam era vets who remain conflicted or negative about the war, and those who saw atrocities being committed or who admitted raping, cutting off Viet Cong ears, etc. themselves.

I’m sure there are vets out there who are proud of their service during the VietNam war, felt that the U.S. was on the right side, and would speak differently about the experience of serving in the fight against communism.

I remain deeply affected by the Burns and Novick documentary, and it generally conforms to the way I remember the war. But I’m glad to hear from anyone out there who has a different take, and will make sure your observations find their way into a post.

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