Trump and Black Athletes

Trump loves to create tumult and be the center of the resulting attention. Now he’s goading the black NFL players who choose to take a knee during the national anthem to protest the indiscriminate killing of black men by police. In a vulgar, expletive-laden rant before his adoring base, he called for the players to be yanked off the field and fired.

In a backlash, many more players took a knee during Sunday’s games, and with one team owner coming down to link arms with his team. The entire WNBA LA Sparks basketball team decided to stay in the locker room for the playing of the national anthem during the opening game of their finals, out of solidarity with their fellow athletes. I was happy to see it.

Trump claimed the black athletes are disrespecting “our flag”. Will someone tell Trump it’s their flag too? People keep arguing over whether Trump is a racist. Here, I would argue, is another of his racist dog whistles. His base understands that “our flag” is the flag of Trump’s white nation. I don’t see how anyone can argue that Trump is not a racist. Look at what he says, and what he does, and you’ll know who he is.

2 thoughts on “Trump and Black Athletes

  1. Please ask any football player you know, when a player takes a knee it is a sign of respect in the player’s eyes. We have asked a number of young men about this topic. What my football player told me when we were discussing the topic was, “mom when a player is injured on the field every teammate on the field and sidelines takes a knee out of respect for the injured player, taking a knee is a sign of respect in football.” Taking a knee is a respectful way to show disagreement and take a stand on beliefs. I personally don’t agree with taking a knee during the national anthem, however, if freedom of speech is truly freedom of speech then people have a right to express their beliefs without censorship. As a country, the American people need to learn to “agree to disagree” on matters without anger and violence.

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