Is there any woman on the planet who gets regular mammograms and doesn’t take a deep breath before she opens the envelope from the cancer center with the results? Or, if a radiologist is on site to read the mammogram in real time, is there a woman alive who doesn’t take a deep breath when the door opens and the technician comes in to give the all clear — or not?

I’ve been getting mammograms for years, decades. All good so far. All good again yesterday, when I opened the envelope.

Life can change in a nanosecond. But not this time, not for me.


4 thoughts on “Mammogram

  1. Good news for you! Mammograms are essential for screening. In my area, 1 out of 6 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. I have 3 sisters who’ve survived breast cancer. All breast lumps can’t be felt. The new 3 and 4D mammos are great for detection. Some of the newer equipment is more comfortable for women. For 10-15 minutes of “pressure” it’s worth it to save your life.

  2. for Vedat: Thank you! We all have our health vulnerabilities, but this one is a recurrent worry for women. Happily, for those of us who have access to preventative health care, deaths from breast cancer have become more rare. But the disease is still frightening.

  3. for Katie: Couldn’t agree more. This is surely what we mean when we say that taking preventative health care away from poor women threatens lives.

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