McCain and Trumpism and Republican America

John McCain, at what is likely the final months of his public service, is trying heroically to return the Senate to what he remembers: regular order and bipartisanship on major issues. I haven’t always agreed with McCain, and he surely didn’t speak up when Mitch McConnell was denying President Obama his legitimate Supreme Court appointment. But McCain is speaking with nothing short of heroism now.

Trumpism, far broader and deeper than the man himself, is trying to send to the Senate Judge Roy Moore, who took three children away from a lesbian mother not because she was a bad parent, but because she loved another woman.

Republican America is trying to return to its basic agenda: tax cuts for the rich, health care only for those who can afford it, and fear and paranoia toward those who are not white and Christian. Republicans claim they are not racist because they don’t wear white robes and burn crosses, but denying the basic humanity of anyone without northern European ancestry is racism, plain and simple. Jeff Sessions, that means you. Trump, it means you too. The forty percent who support Trump have to ask themselves some hard questions about what animates their leader.

I believe what I’m seeing with my own eyes, and I think this long and dark period is going to outlast Trump by a lot. I just don’t know how we got here. What happened to Dr. MLK’s long arc of the universe bending toward justice?

2 thoughts on “McCain and Trumpism and Republican America

  1. What really scares me is that Trump will probably get to appoint several Supreme Court justices. I hope Kennedy, Breyer, and Notorious RBG hang on!

  2. for Phyllis: I think he will, and that means the Supreme Court will lose credibility as an institution as well. Dark times.

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