Burns and Novick on VietNam

Episode Three was heartbreaking, because I know that if Mogie Crocker had survived the war, they’d be interviewing him, not his family.

I have CNN on in background behind my XFinity On Demand, where I’m watching recorded episodes of the documentary. When I hit “exit” and return to live TV, I see men in suits talking about North Korea in the same way I just saw men in suits, 50 years ago, talking about VietNam. The haircuts are different as are the glasses and the cut of the suits, and people don’t wear white shirts and skinny ties much any more. But the language is the same, and the flawed assumptions, and the inexorable path that no one seems to know how to stop.

Street protests that grew and grew had a lot to do with stopping the war back then, and we don’t have those yet.

What will it take, I wonder?

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