Health Care Vote

I don’t think much of Mitch McConnell, not after the Merrick Garland debacle. But Republicans in Congress have reached a new low with the impending health care vote. Even Chuck Grassley acknowledges that the vote isn’t about the substance of the bill — it’s about jamming something through before September 30 that Republicans can tell their base repeals and replaces the Affordable Care Act. No one in the health care biz, or the insurance biz, or the public policy biz, thinks the bill is a good idea. There won’t be a CBO score to help those in Congress make an informed decision re how to vote. There will simply be arm-twisting, and shoving money toward people like Lisa Murkowski to make her vote more palatable, and the burning desire to chalk up a win.

In light of this debacle, I read that Trump’s approval numbers are inching up. I literally can’t fathom it.

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