What Melania Should Say

I’m quite aware that I create a no-win scenario for Melania Trump when I excoriate her for being the least interesting First Lady we’ve ever had, then I critique her remarks on bullying at the U.N. Really, you might ask, can’t I acknowledge the woman doing anything right?

Probably not. The comparison with the intelligent, articulate, and broadly relevant Michelle Obama is too great.

That said, having Melania speak out on bullying when she lives with and defends Trump is simply ridiculous. I don’t know what she should talk about, on those few occasions when she speaks. But bullying? Nah.


2 thoughts on “What Melania Should Say

  1. Stephen Colbert commented on her speech last night, with the same opinion as you. His last sentence: “Mrs. Trump, have you met your husband?”

  2. for Phyllis: I saw some news clip today that said she is the most popular Trump. I can’t fathom it. She seems to me to have no personality at all, and certainly doesn’t do anything other than wear stiletto heels. A remarkable disappointment.

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