Panama 2017: Gloria Exercising

Gloria is about 45; she’s been having all kinds of health problems — IBS for one, and severe muscle and bone aches which have been hard to diagnose. The IBS is being treated, and she’s feeling much better that way — although she studiously ignores the doctor’s request that she eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables. She simply doesn’t like them, and with medication and less fat in her diet, her symptoms have subsided enough for her to manage while still eating white rice and white bread.

Apparently the doctor wants her to exercise more, to see if that helps the aches and pains. Exercise is hard in Panama, because it’s so hot all the time. And, exercise is not customary. When friend Sally, who is a runner, first came to the villa and ran in the early morning, she said people were looking at her strangely. I responded, “People here run toward or away from something. They don’t just run. They aren’t looking at you critically. They simply have no idea what you are doing.”

Well, pain is a great motivator. Gloria just sent me this pic, saying she is now trying to exercise on a regular basis. It is, she says, helping. 🙂

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