Minga and Her City Family

I wonder about Minga’s quality of life on dialysis, but here she is in the midst of her city family.

From left: Daira in the hat, Manuel in yellow shirt, Jari behind holding Joelito, Mama Ita in red shirt, Abuela Minga, not sure who person in straw hat is, then Jennifer, who actually lives in Rio Hato. In front is Ita’s eldest daughter, Janelys, with her two boys Christian and Sebastian. She and her U.S. husband have apparently split, and she returned to Panama with the boys and is living with Ita. [Ita is the mother of the four Jaris: Janelys, Jarelys, Jarinelys, and Jarineilys.]

I think Minga looks tired. But she is up and dressed, and they are clearly out somewhere sharing family time. Looks as if her hair has been done, and she looks fully present with the group. She’s not smiling but everyone else is, and I think they are very glad to have her there.

4 thoughts on “Minga and Her City Family

  1. Actually I think Minga looks good considering her treatment and need to live in the city. Having family in Panama City is a huge asset. Since the options in Rio Hato are nil, this is the best option for now. She does look tired but is now on a very different schedule having to be at dialysis drom10 pm til after 1 am. Beautiful family!

  2. for Katie: I think she does look well. She’s responding remarkably well to dialysis — but then, I suppose her kidney function has been declining for a very long time, and having something function in lieu of working kidneys has to be a big boost. Her options for ongoing care really are very limited, aren’t they?

  3. for Phyllis: The family is really stepping up, both in the village and in the city. Minga has worked hard to raise her family of nine, and now the time has come for them to care for her.

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