Wedding: Rehearsal Day

Friday, the day before the actual wedding, was rehearsal day. The bride, Emily, is extraordinarily well organized. Although the venue provided a planner, I’d say Emily is the real planner. We all knew exactly what our role was to be, and what remained was just the walk-through.

Every wedding is unique to the couple celebrating it, and every wedding is in some ways like any other large event or production. You have to set the expectation of what participants are to do. You have to cue them on what to do if something unexpected happens. You have to tweak at the last minute, if the walk-through reveals something awkward about a transition. You have to provide food, and make it fun. You have to create the assurance that everything that can be planned for has been, and that what remains is the spontaneity and joy of the actual event.

Looking at the photos, I’d say that happened. 🙂

Looking down.

Lodge bunk room.

Outdoor wedding site.

Mary and Neil.

Dustin’s mom Robyn.

Dustin’s dad Jerry–2nd from right.

Emily and Dustin.

Flower girls.

Brother Danny and friends.

Lodge — site of rehearsal dinner.

2 thoughts on “Wedding: Rehearsal Day

  1. for Katie: Everything went very well — the wedding was lovely. The rain held off, happily, and we were able to do the ceremony outside. The bride looked beautiful, and it was a marriage of great joy.

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