Hillary’s New Book

I’m  not going to read Hillary’s new book, simply because reliving the 2016 election is too painful still. But I have no patience for the nasty pile-on over what Hillary said, or should say, or gets to say.

The woman gets to say whatever she wants. And no amount of revisionist history, no vicious Trump tweets, can possibly tarnish her long and dedicated life of public service.

2 thoughts on “Hillary’s New Book

  1. She did a great interview with Rachel Maddow last night. A bit of rehashing, but more commentary on current issues and the lack of depth in government departments. Concerns about what Facebook is allowing Russia and others to do with spreading fake news. And positive talk about what she is doing next. Showed what a good and knowledgeable president she would have been. Interesting commentary on the “lock her up” issue.

  2. for Phyllis: Her entire life is a testament to resilience. She’s not a perfect human being, but who is? I really hope she goes forward as a woman who roars.

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