September 12 Update on Minga

Minga’s family is showing up big to support her in the commitment to undergo dialysis. Here she is at the ambulatory dialysis unit, trying to get some rest as she awaits being called for her 10pm appointment. She’s resting against her second youngest son Manuel, while daughter Daira is just to the right.

The strong family ethos that is characteristic of Panama has fractured somewhat. Apparently some very poor and stressed families, for whom a medical crisis in their elderly is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, abandon their vulnerable family member. But Minga is fortunate. Everyone is doing what he or she can. Minga has not one but two family members there to support her through the night, even as both have to go to work the next day. She looks relaxed here, resting in the arms of her son.

I find myself wishing they had something more comfortable for an elderly patient than two chairs pulled together.

I feel very sure that’s her own pillow, brought from home, and her own pink robe.

2 thoughts on “September 12 Update on Minga

  1. This is a sweet/sad picture. Agree – comfortable chairs would be nice.
    Glad Minga’s family is there to support her.

  2. for Phyllis: Sweet/sad hits the nail on the head. She’s been such a strong figure all of her life — in her family, in the village. And now she’s so utterly vulnerable.

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