Nordstrom’s New Way of Shopping: Nordstrom Local

Seattle still has traditional downtown shopping, with well-stocked and newly updated Nordstrom’s and Macy’s stores, as well as a host of other specialty vendors, like Eileen Fisher, the Gap, and locally owned Flying Shuttle. I have to say that I rarely go and browse any of the stores, even as I value having a retail core for the city. I’ve never been a very good shopper, one who can spot things that go together and thereby extend the range of outfits I can put together. I think that’s a real skill, and I don’t have it. I also don’t have much patience. If I go for a specific thing and don’t find it quickly, I get frustrated and leave.

Nordstrom’s has launched  a new concept that might be very appealing to someone like me: a store without racks and racks of clothing to try on — or to confuse and overwhelm the shopper with limited skills.

The idea is to build a store with a smaller footprint — say 3000 square feet — and have personal shoppers who can guide customers to a customized wardrobe. The clothes are then ordered online and delivered same day. To make the shopping experience more pleasant, there will be coffee, wine, and beer.

I don’t buy a lot of clothes any more. Seattle is very casual, and even when I impulsively buy a new piece I tend to wear what I like and am comfortable in anyway. Last year I got frustrated with myself for wearing the same thing all the time when I dress up for something like opera or symphony, and went out and bought several new pieces. Some of them I’ve worn only once.

But if I am looking for a specific outfit — like attire for the wedding I’m about to perform — I might well use Nordstrom’s new concept. It’s being tested in one market only — West Hollywood, CA — but if the idea takes off look for a Nordstrom Local to come to a location near you.

2 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s New Way of Shopping: Nordstrom Local

  1. I love the new store concept. The only clothing store I go in is Chicos because it’s a mile from my home in a shopping center with parking bbotherwise I buy everything on line. Once or twice a year we visit a friend who lives near an outlet mall. There web rose. Other than that amazon is my most common store. It’s not good for local shops.

  2. for Katie: I agree. I had friends in Rochester who would “go shopping” — make a day of it, lunch, the whole nine yards. I’ve never been that, and now I shop even less. I actually find it helpful to have someone with a sense of style who’ll bring me things that go together and say “Have you tried this?”

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