Traveling with Ben and Sara

I don’t think there are two people on the planet who know more about air travel than Ben and Sara, which makes them great flight companions. They not only seek out bookings by date and time and cost, but by type of plane. They knew that Sara’s and my AA flight out of Rochester to ORD would be a small plane, but the type of seating with no center brace under the adjacent biz class seats — making for a decent open space beneath the seats in front of us. Sara and I had a short connection in Chicago, and I didn’t want to gate check my bag — which likely wouldn’t fit in the overhead. But both Ben and Sara were sure it would fit under the seat.

I wouldn’t have had the foggiest notion what kind of seats were on the plane, and wouldn’t have been bold enough to disregard the gate check tag the airline staff gave me as I made my way through check-in. Sara said to put the tag in my pocket and simply walk onto the plane with my bag, and it would be fine. It was. My bag slid neatly under the seat.

I also used a mobile phone boarding pass, now that Matt showed me how to take a screen shot on my Android phone. With a screen shot, I’m not dependent on wifi availability at the gate.

I’m feeling positively like A Smart Traveler. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Traveling with Ben and Sara

  1. for Katie: They really could. Friends occasionally ask for their help in planning trips. Neither has the time to do it as a regular thing, but whatever advice they give is always spot-on.

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