Travel Day: Back to Seattle

We headed home on Saturday, Sara and I to Seattle and Ben to Austin. They are leaving next Saturday for Octoberfest in Munich, followed by a side trip to Sidney, Australia — they got a great fare and couldn’t resist. I’m headed to Minneapolis to perform Dustin and Emily’s wedding. After that, I’m pretty much in Seattle.

On Saturday morning we had breakfast with friends Linda and Sid, and then did the last of our tour de Rochester: past Highland Park diner, where the Klainer family were regulars, and down Park Avenue. All the brunch places were doing a robust business, with lots of people enjoying the warm sun outdoors.

There’s lots happening in downtown and near downtown Rochester, and apparently the city wants to make a bid for the new Amazon headquarters. I doubt Rochester will be high on the list — too hard to recruit young tech people to live here with the still formidable winters. But the cost of living is still low, and someone with a pretty ordinary Amazon salary could become an “Amazon millionaire” here in not very many years. I’m glad to see my old hometown doing well.

2 thoughts on “Travel Day: Back to Seattle

  1. for Katie: It really was. And I’m much impressed with the caliber of people coming into nursing these days. They had a couple of grad students speak at the dinner, and they were very interesting and committed young people.

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