Jeremiah’s Tavern in Rochester

Jeremiah’s on Monroe Avenue in Rochester was one of our favorite haunts. They have the best wings and curly fries on the planet, and their specialty sandwiches — often named for regular customers — are the best. Gracious Grace. Sherwin’s Russian Mistress. Potter’s Deluxe. Jerry, Matt, Sara and I each had our favorites.

We met friends Joan and Ralph Merzbach for lunch. Ralph was corporate attorney for our financial planning business, and he kept us out of trouble in this very litigious arena for the 20 years that we were in business. He’s continued to be my lawyer, and I trust him entirely. Joan has long been a social worker specializing in NICU, although she now works part time. They have three daughters, including twins, very close in age — Sara began babysitting for the girls when she was 12 and they were tiny. She is dear to them, now grown young women, and they to her.

One of the things that’s special to me about being in Rochester is being with people who knew Jerry, knew me as part of a couple. This is where that happens.

We also ran across a former neighbor from San Gabriel Drive. Again, Rochester is where that happens. Klainer relationships here are broad and deep.

It’s good to be back, however brief the trip.

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