Drinks with Ellen

Ellen was our neighbor on San Gabriel Drive. She and her family lived just across the street — she babysat the kids when they were small. She went off to the Naval Academy and then to a career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a commander after serving as the chief Maintenance Officer on an aircraft carrier. When she came back, despite our age difference, she and I became friends as adult women. We did a lot together in the years after Jerry died. She’s a great friend, and I miss her.

She hosted Sara, Ben, and me at her home on the Erie Canal for drinks just before the event. She has a new boxer puppy, Brix. She has a lovely old home, and a deck right on the canal where she can watch boats and kayaks and all sorts of water craft go by.

She’s been all around the world multiple times, and now she’s back home. It’s a good and rich and interesting life, and I’m happy — despite the geographical distance — to be able to share it.

2 thoughts on “Drinks with Ellen

  1. What a fun experience. Love that Ellen’s home on the Erie Canal. When my kids we’re. Violate we styed in Rochester on a trip visiting my Keuka friends. We took a canal boat ride.


  2. for Katie: She really has a gorgeous spot — lots of boat traffic on the canal, which provides a soothing backdrop for drinks and conversation on the deck.

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