Dean’s Diamond Circle Dinner: Legacy Award

The dinner was lovely — attending were University of Rochester senior administration, staff, School of Nursing faculty, students, and donors. There were several honorees, including my Legacy Award. Being recognized for philanthropy is a great honor. Having the recipient of this year’s Klainer Award, Dr. Ying Xue, at our table, was wonderful. I like awards. Even more, I like hearing about the work my financial gifts help to fund. That makes the sense of being a financial partner real.

Uncharacteristically, I didn’t have my camera out — although they had a professional photographer who took several pictures. Hope to have some of those eventually to post on the blog. Ben did take a pic of the award with the table centerpiece behind, which you can see below.

I gave a short talk acknowledging the award, for which I had to gear up. I used to do a lot of public speaking, and could do a two-minute talk in my sleep. But no longer. I think my remarks were well-received, so I’m glad to know I haven’t lost my touch.

Everyone who encounters the health system is affected by nursing, and I’ll bet we all have our stories about how nursing made a difference in our healing process. I hope we take time to tell those stories — they are incredibly important. I’ve recently told one of those stories in a blog post. A nurse in the public hospital in Panama City was the one who noticed that Minga had not received the dialysis that had been ordered for her 24 hours before. The nurse put the process in motion to have the order reinstated, and to have Minga get her treatment. In this case, that nurse literally saved a life.

This trip is a quick in and out — we’re on our way back to Seattle on Saturday. It was a long way to come, for one evening event. It was worth every minute of the trip, just to be here for the celebration of nursing.

4 thoughts on “Dean’s Diamond Circle Dinner: Legacy Award

  1. for Phyllis: Thank you. Had a lovely time at the dinner, although I know fewer and fewer people at SON. Apparently Mary Dombeck still teaches part time, although she wasn’t there. The young new faculty and doctoral students are very impressive. Wish you could have been there!

  2. Congratulations on this well-deserved award! I certainly know that my nurses and techs at the wound care centered were the people who helped me get through the past nine months and I am most grateful!

  3. for Linda: And I know you’ve told them how much you appreciate their work. As I said in my remarks, we all have stories — and those affirming words are just as important as writing checks or any other gestures of support for nursing.

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