Rochester Trip: SEA to ORD

OK, so this post is tongue-in-cheek: no pun intended. πŸ™‚

United apparently has a new commitment to healthy eating, applicable to meals served in biz class. I fully get that kvetching about the meal in biz is over the top for most passengers, who are crowded into coach without so much as a bag of peanuts. But I was a bit taken aback to be offered a choice of egg whites with kale, or a protein bowl. Previously they’d have offered an omelet, or quiche, or sometimes french toast. What is it with kale? People seem to think kale is virtuous. Β I attach no virtue to being green and nearly calorie free.

Daughter Sara had the protein bowl, which was celery and carrots and hummus with a few bits of feta cheese and a couple of slices of turkey. Both breakfasts came with yogurt and fresh fruit and a biscuit if you wanted it — I grabbed the biscuit. I ate the fruit, not the yogurt. My egg white thing was bland and rather tasteless.

The second flight, from ORD to ROC, was short, only a little over an hour, and they offered snacks and drinks. I had a Diet Coke and Oreos, two things I hardly ever eat. I think my choices were a reaction. If I can’t get decent food, give me sugar.

Hoping United gets all kind of blowback on the new food items. Honestly, one of the things that makes a long flight bearable is getting a nice meal. Bring back the omelette, and load it up with veggies to make it more healthy. But no kale. Please, ditch the kale. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Rochester Trip: SEA to ORD

  1. I agree, no kale! American Airlines now serves a meal on cross country flights in coach. They are trying to be more customer friendly. The options aren’t great, a turkey wrap or the hummus with veggies. But it’s better than nothing.

  2. for Katie: Honestly, the food choices were grim. Airlines are really pinching pennies, which infuriates me when they are making so much money. Your options sounded better than our breakfast choices, for sure.

  3. As one who spends most flights in coach class I must tell you I have a bit of a smirk on my face. But the Oreo cookies sound good. I haven’t had those in years.

  4. for Joyce: I know. This is what Amy calls a First World problem. πŸ™‚ thanks for bearing with me. And yes, the Oreo cookies tasted great. Haven’t had them in years.

  5. for Mary: Well, your soup was wonderful and so I didn’t mind the kale. Kale as an element in spectacular soup is a fine thing. You would understand my post if you’d been served with egg white blumpets encased in kale. I know you would. πŸ™‚

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